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Saving Energy In The Home

Going Green In The Home

Here are some simple tips for going green in the home that may help save some money as well. Something we could all do with doing.

Ideas To Brighten Your Life

If you want to reduce the carbon in your home, you have to reduce your energy comsuption.  Buying energy-saving light bulbs is one of the easiest wasy of saving energy, money and the environment.

If every home in the country replace three ordinary bulbs with energy saving ones, we would save more than 1.5million tonnes of Co2 annually and the electricity equivalent to the output of a typical power station every year.

Out With The Old

All boilers installed in England must now be condensing boilers in the A and B bands. High efficiency condensing boilers are more efficient than standard boilers, resulting in savings of up to a third on typical annual heating bills.  They would save the environment 17.5 million tonnes of Co2 every year if every home had one. That is enough energy to heat five million homes for one year.

Cavity Walls

Filling cavity walls could save around one tonne of Co2 and £100 per home every year.  Unisulated wall account for up to a third of all heat lost through your home but filled it is one of the most efficient forms of saving heat which means saving  money.

Clean Green

Natural cleaning products can be used even on the dirtiest of homes.  White wine vinegar can bring a sparkle to windows and lemon juice and warm water is a good alternative to bleach whilst baking soda can remove stains from carpets as well as dissolving grease and dirt. If you don’t fancy using these products make sure you choose phosphate free products that do not upset the balance of the natural balance in our rivers.

Tomorrow we will be dealing with kitchen waste.


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