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Saving Money And Being Green!

Going Green on a Budget

Most of us would like to be more Green but we think it costs a lot. If you want to go green there are infact many oppor­tuni­ties to save money.

Energy Saving

Whenever you save energy, you save money.


Simple rule – switch off anything you are not using – at the socket.

Switch off chargers which go on drawing electricity even when the appliance is fully charged. Learn how long they take to charge and switch off when done.

Turn off all switches that have a light indicating they are on – when they are not in use.

Turn your heating down by one degree.

Be quick in the shower - saving CO2 and water.

Get into the habit of turning off lights when you walk out of the room.

Replace light bulbs with low energy bulbs. They cost a little more but you will save over the year about £7 a year.- in electricity.

Cleaning and Household

Ditch the chemicals!

Most things can be cleaned with water, vinegar, bicarb of soda,
Use every drop of water

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

Catch water you are not using in a container eg running the shower to get warm or the tap in the sink, or running it cold for a glass of water. Use what you collect for flushing the loo, watering plants, washing the car etc.


With the cost of driving, there are good ways to save money as well as your CO2 emissions

Make sure your tyres are fully inflated

Drive at 50-60mph on motorways

Try not to use the air conditioning – it uses up to 10% more fuel according to the RAC

Drive smoothly by accelerating and braking gently.

Plan your journey – otherwise you use extra fuel because you got lost!

Share your journey with other people whenever you can

For short journeys consider if walking is an option – save money and use calories

Remove any unnecessary luggage in the boot that adds weight to the car.


Grow you own veg! Seeds and compost cost very little compared with bought veg. Share the project with a friend to help avoid waste.

Drink tap water, not bottled – for drinking water put a jug of water in the fridge


“Some useful tips on saving money and being green” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


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