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Shake Up Of Planning Laws

Brandon Lewis's attack on the country's supposedly outdated planning laws comes as the Government introduces reforms to allow local people to decide on what type of housing is built in their area.

The new measures are seen as a way of tackling 'Nimbyism' (not in my back yard), where local residents block essential house­bu­ilding in their area.

The Government is keen to get local people involved in planning decisions as this is seen as a way of unblocking the shortage of affordable housing across the country - a significant contributor to recent house prices rises.

The new, so-called 'neig­hbo­ur­hood plans' mean people can help decide where new homes should be built in their area and what they should look like.

It also means they have input into what local infra­struc­ture is needed.

Moves to shake up the planning system are hugely contro­ver­sial, however. Campaigners warn of the consequences of a renewed building boom, with objections ranging from the spoiling of the countryside to the lack of infra­struc­ture, such as roads, schools, hospitals and railways needed to support more homes.

Under the new scheme, councils are bound to consider plans drawn up by local people.

Local people can seek Government grants of up to £14,000 to help pay for the expertise required to draw up their development plans.

Government figures suggest house­bu­ilding has been boosted by more than 10 per cent due to the new approach. New homes insurer NHBC says the number of new homes being registered so far this year is 9 per cent higher than a year ago.

The minister also insisted that so-called 'Generation Rent' - which is unable to buy a home of their own due to a shortage of properties and soaring house prices - would soon become Generation Buy.

Extracts taken from the Daily Mail

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