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Shocked To Hear Beer Sales Have Dropped!

Britain is shaking off its reputation as a nation of beer drinkers.

Consumption has fallen by almost a quarter since 2006 largely because many men have given up on going to the pub, research shows.

Increasingly, they are drinking at home with wives and girlfriends, where they are more likely to share a bottle of wine, cider or spirits.

Beer sales through pubs, restaurants and the High Street are down from 4.1billion litres a year to 3.2billion over the past five years – a drop of 23 per cent.

The net effect is that the nation is drinking about 4.3million fewer pints each day, taking the figure to around 15.2million.

The research comes from Mintel, which suggested the high cost of beer in pubs was a major reason for men staying at home.

Many have switched to buying from supermarkets, which have been selling beer at a loss for many years.

'Indeed, today, more than two in five on-trade drinkers see drinking out of home as too expensive which has meant that a once regular night out occasion has become more of an occasional luxury.

Research found that against a background of a nation raised on fizzy drinks and alcopops, some 57 per cent of those aged 18-24 would like the option to buy sweet tasting lagers.

A similar proportion of young people said they would be interested in low calorie lager.

Mr Forsyth said: 'The beer market has been trying to appeal to a broader audience, more recently to females with products such as lite beers.

'Beer is also belatedly catching on to the importance of flavour innovation – particularly sweeter variants which are proving hugely popular among younger consumers in the cider and vodka categories.

“We are very surprised at these findings but a lot of us do now drink wine” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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