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Shortage Of Skilled Trades People


The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has reported a severe shortage of skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers affecting the construction sector will have a direct impact on house­bu­ilding.

With the government saying thousands more houses will be built by 2020 this is not good news for house builders.

Although the rise in workloads went up to 30% from 26% in the third quarter, Trade shortages is a problem.

Half of small firms in the construction sector reported difficulties hiring roofers, while the shortage of electricians and plasterers was at a four-year high.

The Chief Executive of the FMB, Brian Berry, comments on the study: “We’ve been experiencing a severe shortage of bricklayers and carpenters for quite some time – these latest statistics show that skills shortages are now seeping into other key trades, such as roofers and plumbers.

15 key trades and occupations were monitor and 40% show skills shortages at their highest point since the skills crisis in 2013.

The growing skills shortage and soaring material prices linked to the weaker pound, is driving up costs for small firms, which some won’t be able to stand.

The Prime Minister needs to take into consi­dera­tion the countries skill shortages and must ensure that the immigration system that replaces the free movement of people serves key sectors, such as construction and house­bu­ilding when negotiating Brexit.


Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire agrees with many, that young people need to be encouraged to get a trade rather than going to University which is expensive and not for everyone.



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