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Should Britain Be Helping Others?



Why are British taxpayers helping other countries with flood defences when towns and villages in our own country are still getting flooded?


CLEAN-UP operations are still continuing in parts of East Lancashire and Cumbria this week after heavy rain brought widespread flooding over the weekend.

The Ribble Valley was the worst hit, with properties in the centre of Whalley flooded as a deluge of water tumbled through the village on Saturday afternoon.

Elsewhere roads were flooded and closed, journeys were abandoned and cars were pulled to safety from several inches of water.


And yet BRITISH taxpayers have bankrolled flood defences in Serbia.  The UK ploughed £1 million into flood defences in the Eastern European country, a £4 million plan to protect the town of Kendal from flooding with the same project was axed.

The recent UK flooding, caused by Storm Desmond, has left 1,400 people homeless in the Cumbrian town.

Some £200 million of the UK's foreign aid cash is being spent on anti-flood works.

Deputy mayor of Lazarevac in Serbia, Bojan Stevic, told the Sun on Sunday: “We’re grateful to Great Britain and to the British people.”

But Mr Stevic added: “It does seem strange they spent so much money in our country on flood defences yet apparently were not investing enough in their own. It’s terrible to see the people of Britain suffering.”

Cumbria is bracing itself for further snow as river levels are still high from last weekend's intense flooding and the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for more rain and snow.

An Inter­national Development spokesman said: "The Government is able to both tackle the floods at home and respond to humanitarian crises abroad."

Storm Desmond resulted in terrible floods in Cumbria and Lancashire, forcing hundreds of families to flee.


Information taken from Lancashire evening Telegraph and the Sun


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