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SHOWA Workwear Gloves From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

Innovation, ergonomics and constant quality in the name of productivity For over fifty years, Showa Best has offered high-performance solutions to the complex problems of hand protection in the workplace. The constant growth of their brand on the inter­national market is a testament to the increasing popularity of their  range of gloves.


Showa Best is as demanding as the consumer and always places manuf­ac­turing emphasis on the users' priorities and requ­ire­ments. A glove is not just a piece of protection equipment, it must also facilitate movement by equipping the hand with mobility and comfort when handling objects and equipment.


By contributing to boosting produc­tivity, Showa Best gloves represent an excep­ti­onally cost efficient investment that helps to signi­fic­antly improve working conditions.


Showa Best has placed innovation and operational excellence at the heart of their industrial dynamic and our development strategy.


Each glove is developed by carrying out a detailed study of all quality parameters; – design, suitability, ergonomics, suppleness, performance of the materials and manuf­ac­turing processes – making it possible to achieve the correct balance between safety, dexterity, performance and price.


Ever faithful to our history and legacy, Showa Best drives consumer-orientated R&D programmes to surpass market expectations with next generation products. With an ethos of accident reduction through the promotion of glove wearing, Showa Best will continue to offer high quality solutions to meet your existing expec­tations.


Every Showa Every Showa Best glove is produced using a patented manuf­ac­turing procedure in a Showa Best owned and managed factory with as much emphasis placed on protecting the environment as there is on protecting hands.


Showa Best do not use products that may cause irreversible damage to the environment and a large proportion of R&D is devoted to biodeg­ra­dable plastics and developing fibres and materials that have no impact on the environment.


Come and see us today and get your SHOWA gloves – only the best will do.


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