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Six Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Cladding

These are just some of the many reasons to choose the Tier Natural Stone Cladding System to transform your home. Check out the range of available options here and get in touch with our skilled builders merchants if you want to find out even more benefits of using the system!

Natural stone cladding offers the ideal way to give your home a distinguished, classic look and delivers several advantages over full-size pieces of stone. Here we look at some of the benefits you could soon be experiencing with the Tier Natural Stone Cladding System.

Improved Aesthetics

Natural stone cladding allows you to create the look of a stone building quickly, easily and reliably. A wide range of colours and styles is available to suit any aesthetic taste and each stone tile is completely unique, giving them a truly authentic look.

Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness

Replicating the look of natural stone can be prohibitively expensive when using full-sized pieces. Stone tiles cost far less and deliver the exact same look; installation is less expensive too and can be carried out using the most basic tools and skills.Material transportation costs are also reduced.

Structural Stability

Most modern structures are not designed to structurally support the weight of stone but natural stone cladding weighs much less and can be used up to 3m in height without requiring wall ties.

Easy Installation

You will be amazed at just how easy natural stone cladding is to work with. Check out our recent article that explains the process in 5 steps and watch the video on our website.

Complete Versatility

As well as being used to transform the external appearance of a property, Tier natural stone cladding can successfully be used inside; common internal uses include fireplaces and floors. A completely modern home can be built that still looks attractively antique using the system. In areas where full-sized stone pieces are not available due to limitations of cost or transport facilities, natural stone cladding provides an ideal solution.

Guaranteed Durability

Highly resistant to the elements, natural stone panels will deliver an extended service life when protected using Tier sealer. When used indoors for floors, fireplaces and other applications, this durability will ensure the finished result can be enjoyed without worrying about damage.

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