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Smart Phone Testing Do You Agree

MSN tried out the four most popular smart phones on the market and the results are below.  See if you agree or this might help if your thinking of changing your phone.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now on sale in the UK, and it's a belter. But, is it the best smartphone on the market? Don't discount the HTC One X. HTC's flagship device has received deserved praise since its release earlier this year. Along with a super-fast quad-core processor it features a stunning design and revamped HTC Sense interface. Finally, there's that perennial favourite, the cool, classy iPhone 4S. So which of these uber-phones is best?



Web browsing
Safari, the default iPhone 4S browser, is easy to use and doesn't stall under pressure. The new Reader feature enables you to view a stripped-down, text-only version of a web page. However, the iPhone 4S isn't compatible with Flash. If that matters to you we'd advise you to check out the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3. Both these big-screen beasts are perfect for long bouts of web browsing, and their speedy quad-core processors enable you to ditch mobile sites in favour of desktop versions. The One X pips the Galaxy S3, thanks to its superior text reformatting when zooming in or out.
Winner: HTC One X


The iPhone 4S is good enough to replace a point-and-shoot camera in most instances. It's quick, sharp and simple to use. Pictures have warm, natural colours and are generally well exposed. The HTC One X camera is similarly capable but has more bells and whistles. You can jump from the lock screen to taking a photo in 0.7 seconds, take up to 99 shots just by holding down the 'capture' button and produce still shots while filming high-definition video. The 8MP camera on the Galaxy S3 suffers by comparison to the rest of that phone's high-end features. It takes perfectly good shots, of course, and the 1.9MP front-facing camera is a welcome addition. But, in our opinion, the HTC One X's superb snapper takes the prize.
Winner: HTC One X


Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire will look at more features tomorrow and find out the results.




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