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Smart Phones The Conclusion!

Continuing from yesterday MSN trials of the latest Smartphones on the market


Calls and messaging
The iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are all great at one important smartphone function: making actual phone calls. None of them suffer overtly from dropped calls or poor reception, but in terms of call quality the Galaxy S3 stands out thanks to its superb noise-reduction feature. Texting and emailing on the iPhone 4S is a breeze thanks to an interpretative text system and brilliant on-screen keyboard. One X and Galaxy S3. the two Android contenders, include the clean, easy-to-use Gmail Android app, and a wealth of alternative keyboard, text message and IM apps in the Google Play store. However, the Galaxy S3 can't match the HTC One X's excellent contacts and social networking integration.
Winner: HTC One X


The iPhone 4S still looks cutting edge almost two years after the iPhone 4 appeared (they share the same design). The front and back are covered with a tough sheet of glass, and the edges trimmed with stainless steel, giving it the classy vibe of a Leica camera. The HTC One X is no slouch in the looks department either - in our opinion it's the best-looking phone HTC has ever produced. The minimalist, unibody chassis is light and ultra-slim and the huge screen melts off the edges of the phone. The Samsung S3 is also remarkably skinny despite packing a 4.8-inch screen. However, the brushed polycarbonate shell doesn't quite match the premium feel of the other two handsets in this feature.
Winner: iPhone 4S


So which is our ultimate winner? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S3 just edges it. However, you really can't go wrong with any of these handsets. The iPhone 4S wins on style and usability, but you'll have to pay through the nose to get your hands on one. The HTC One X is the choice for camera-phone fanatics, especially now that Instagram is available on Android platforms. We also prefer its space-age design to the slightly plasticky feel of the Galaxy S3. But in terms of speed, screen quality and multimedia functionality Samsung's new beast is unbeatable. At least until the iPhone 5 lands later this year...


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