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Solutions to April Showers!

Though the weather here in the UK is notoriously fickle, there is one thing that's practically guaranteed in April: rain! Yes, the fabled April Showers have well and truly got underway but there are plenty of products here at Greengate's to help you protect your home and garden. Here is just one of them...

Adseal Block Paving/Imprint Sealer

Displaying excellent resistance to rain spotting, this is a clear sealant of professional grade designed for use on driveways, paths, forecourts and patios. Adseal is, and has been for over 15 years, a market-leading product: with many features and benefits, it isn't hard to see why.

  • The single-component formula is designed for easy effectiveness, spreading easily and drying quickly
  • Excellent inter-coat adhesion makes application quick and simple, delivering a hard wearing surface
  • Once dried, the formula is 100% resistant to UVA radiation and subsequent fading
  • The formula means an end to rain spotting, staining, flaking and tyre plucks
  • Extremely cost-effective, the formula provides up to seven square metres of coverage per litre
  • The white, powdery staining known as 'efflorescence' can be entirely prevented by early use of the product on new, dry block paving
  • If a tinted or coloured finish is required, simply adding pigment to the formula allows this to be achieved

Weedol Weed Killer

Though we might not enjoy the April showers, the weeds certainly do! You have probably already noticed a spurt in weed growth in your garden and so the time to act is now. Weedol contains diquat, a weed killer so potently effective that it has been the gardener's go-to for well over four decades. The formula is supplied in exactly pre-measured sachets so there's no guesswork involved and, once applied, is rainfast in just 10 minutes. When mixed, the solution is effective only at killing green plants and so can be safely used near established trees.

A quick search for 'rain' on our website yields over 100 results so browse our entire collection now and protect your home and garden from those pesky April showers!

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