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Stepping Stones: Step-by-Step!

An excellent alternative to laying a path in a garden is to use a selection of stepping stones. Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, offer access to an eclectic selection of these stones and here we present our step-by-step guide on how to lay them for best effect.

  • Lay out your chosen stones in the direction which you want the path to leave, leaving a small stride's gap between each. Walk along the 'path' you have created, adjusting the spaces between stones and the patterning to suit. If you want to create a curve, tighten the space between the inside corners and open the space between outer corners.
  • Using a turf edger or sharpened, straight-bladed spade, cut the grass around the stepping stones. Lift up each stone and remove the turf beneath, taking care not to damage the surrounding grass. Dig out the topsoil to the depth of the stones, plus around 50mm.
  • There is no need for a deep hardcore base unless the ground is particularly loose or soft. Instead, a 50mm layer of broken stone or compacted sand will be sufficient to form a base.
  • After placing the stone into the sand base, pound it with a rubber mallet. Ensure that the stones are all at the same height and orientation, using a spirit level.
  • Leave for around 24 hours before walking on the new stepping stones. Enjoy!

There are three styles of stepping stones available here at Greengate's: two are made using Bowland Stone and the third utilises quality timber in its construction. Find out more about these stones by getting in touch with us using the 'Make an Enquiry' button on the product page.

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