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Most vehicle theft is opportunistic and therefore preventable. The use of alarms and immobilisers can be a great way to prevent your vehicle, or its contents, from being stolen. Many of us believe purchasing an alarm or immobiliser is an expensive option. You can offset this cost with insurance providers however, who offer up to 10% off your insurance policy, depending on the security system you have fitted.

Bear in mind that most thieves are highly practiced and can negotiate their way past some alarms and immobilisers in a couple of seconds. For this reason, it is critical to make sure the correct system is fitted when purchasing your vehicle or fitting one into your existing vehicle. Professional advice should be sought from a reputable garage/­installer or by visiting the Vehicle Systems Installation Board (VSIB) for advice online.

Some insurers offer a discount where a Thatcham level one security device (alarm and immobiliser) is fitted and a smaller discount for a Thatcham level two device. Drivers should be aware that anything below this level may not even be considered by their insurance company.

Although there can never be any guarantee your vehicle will not be a target, there are steps you can take to throw thieves off your track in the first place. Taking extra precautions could save you a lot of time, effort and emotional stress in the long run. Simple steps such as removing- where possible- detachable items from your vehicle, locking all doors and windows and keeping all items inside your vehicle out of view.


Tomorrow at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we will be looking at further ways to deter thieves from choosing your vehicle.

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