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STICK 2 ALL-PURPOSE CONTACT ADHESIVE Available From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


STICK 2 ALL-PURPOSE CONTACT ADHESIVE is a brushable, general purpose contact adhesive with fast setting properties coupled with long open time.


  • Excellent adhesion - adheres to most common surfaces.
  • Exceptional bond strength - out performs conventional wood glues.
  • Internal and external use (excluding 5ltr size) - excellent weathering and aging properties.

Areas For Use:

  • Laminate materials
  • Bonding pu foam or mineral wool panels to plaster­board.
  • Bonding metals to most surfaces.
  • Bonds wood, rubber, most plastics and leather, cork, lino, rigid PVC, dense


  • Do not use on soft (plasticised) PVC.
  • Do not use on polystyrene
  • Do not use on cellulose painted surfaces
  • Do not use on bitumen or tar leaching products
  • Do not use in areas subject to continuous water immersion.


Always allow the adhesive to become touch dry on both surfaces before bringing surfaces together – premature bonding will cause solvent entrapment and blistering of laminates.

At low tempe­ratures, care must be taken to ensure that the temperature of the adhesive and of both surfaces to be bonded is higher than the ambient temperature. Cold materials have a strong tendency to attract moisture present in the surrounding air, which can have a disastrous effect on the bond strength.

Surface Preparation

The surfaces to be glued should be clean and free from dust, grease and other conta­minants. Materials should be stored in a warm environment prior to bonding to avoid chilling of the glue line, which leads to extended setting times and possible adhesion problems.


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