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Stone Cladding in the News - From Hove to Tbilisi

Stone cladding has hit the headlines once again, with two new projects set to benefit from the versatile, attractive and cost-effective method of architecturally creating a uniquely-beautiful visual aesthetic. Both of these stories have given a further boost to the popularity of natural stone cladding and we are expert suppliers of the Tier Stone Panelling System - here to help you every step of the way when transforming the exterior or interior of your property.

Investment in Tbilisi, Georgia

The city of Tbilisi has seen more than its fair share of destruction through war and so it is with pleasure and excitement that news of a prestigious new building project there was welcomed by residents. With the proposed name of Axis Towers, the new pair of buildings will be:

  • 147m in height - the tallest in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city

  • Twins except for in appearance - one tower will be encased in darkened glass while the other will vibrantly contrast with a pure white stone cladding façade

  • A new hub for business, entertainment and residence - the glass tower will house a large, modern business centre and 5-star hotel while its stone clad twin will be the centre of excitement with contemporary apartments, gymnasium, spa, swimming pool (with sliding roof for those sunny days!), ‘sky bar’ on the roof offering stunning panoramic views of the city, concert hall, shops, restaurants and more!

  • Ready for opening in 2017

Seaside Sculpture

A little closer to home, Hove Civic Society were recently awarded a grant of £20,000 to help in the construction of Hove Plinth. When completed, the plinth (which will be fabricated from Romanstone, a material similar to Portland Stone that is particularly suited to the harsh marine climate of Hove) will be a place for public art to be shared and enjoyed, beginning with three sculptures that have already been built… in model size!

Lead Project Manager Karin Janzon welcomed the grant, which brings the total raised above two-thirds of the full amount needed. “This is really exciting news; the grant will help us take a substantial step towards realising our aim of bringing new sculpture to Hove seafront,” she said. Fundraising is continuing to cover the costs of natural stone cladding and its installation, along with landscaping and security.

Interested in finding out how natural stone cladding could transform your property? Start by browsing our wide selection of design options before contacting our team to get all the details.

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