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Summer Essentials: Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound

As any builder or DIYer knows, rain can be a big issue when it comes to outdoor construction and renovation work. But, with Everbuild Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound, the weather is no problem at all as the formula is designed to work equally well in both wet and dry condition.

A unique jointing material, Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound is extremely versatile and can be used to apply rigid joints on almost any kind of paving, including stone, slate, terracotta, concrete, granite and clay. It is incredibly easy to use and the formula does not even require mixing before application.

The formula is simply brushed into joints before being compacted and, as it is cement-free, will not stain any surrounding areas. Once set completely solid, Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound will not crack or wash out, no matter how hard the rain decides to fall! It's also unaffected by frost and will resist any growth of weeds.

Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound is, as previously stated, extremely versatile. It can be used successfully on footpaths, patios, stone floors and other pedestrian areas, as well as on driveways subject to light/­occasional vehicular traffic. Note that when used in areas subject to more frequent vehicular traffic, it is crucial to bed paving elements on a Class 1 mortar, a high proportion of which should be squeezed up the joint to provide extra support.

Once installed, the jointing should be allowed to cure for 14 days before high-pressure washers can be used. Leave at least 15cm between nozzles and jointing and use a fan nozzle for best results.

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