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SuperQuilt YBS Multi-foil Insulation

First we will be looking at SuperQuilt YBS Multi-foil insulation: what it is like, how it works, what benefits it has to offer and general fixing instruc­tions.

SuperQuilt is a multi-layer Insulation blanket for use in pitched roofs. SuperQuilt offers massive thermal insulation in a thin, flexible, multi-layer membrane.


What is SuperQuilt?

Superquilt is a very flexible, easy to fit, multilayer insulation that offers tremendous thermal benefits. Hot box testing confirms high thermal resistance of 2.51M2K/W for SuperQuilt accompanied by a 25mm air cavity either side of the material.


How does SuperQuilt Work?

Due to the special composition of mulit-layers of insulation SuperQuilt effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation). SuperQuilt works most effectively by reflecting infra-red radiation. This means that not only is SuperQuilt effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but also in summer SuperQuilt is a very effective solar over heating barrier reducing the need for artificial cooling systems, preventing uncom­for­table heat build up in the roof.

The introduction of a unique method of stitching reduces cold bridging commonly seen with other multi-foil insulation material.


Benefits of SuperQuilt:

·         Highest performing multi-foil on the market

·         Fully certified

·         Ideal for loft conversions

·         Fast and simple installation

·         Lightweight, thin and flexible

·         Keeps your house warmer in winter

·         Keeps your house cooler in summer

·         Effective solar over heating barrier


General Fixing Instructions

·         SuperQuilt is designed to overlap each layer of insulation by 75mm and continually seal along the joints with YBS Foil Tape.

·         No special equipment is needed to install SuperQuilt.

·         SuperQuilt can be cut with a craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors.

·         SuperQuilt can easily be fixed with staples at regular intervals (minimum staple depth is 14mm).

·         SuperQuilt is at the most effective with a 25mm minimum air gap on either side. Using battens can create this gap. This will give you the maximum insulation benefit.


Here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we stock SuperQuilt in 10mtr x 1.5mtr packs/rolls so contact us now to get yours!

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