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Survey Says Men Can Not Perform Manly Tasks!

Can You Perform Manly Tasks? A report out in the Daily Express today says not!

According to a new survey out today men are more likely to be able to bake a cake than change a tyre.

The survey was carried out on over 1,000 men by Opinion Matters.

The poll showed that one in five men under 24 admitted they had never gotten their hands dirty doing DIY tasks.

It revealed that only 15 per cent knew how to jump-start a car, 17 per cent to change a tyre and only 28 per cent said they could change a plug.

But it appears the younger generation feel much more at home in the kitchen with over 70 per cent knowing how to bake a cake.

Those in the 25-34 age group fared marginally better but were similarly useless compared with older men.

Men aged 45 and older were much handier with "manly" jobs, with three-quarters of men over 55 knowing how to tackle more tricky jobs like hanging wall paper.

The results come in in a survey carried out for JCB Toughphones. Jason Kemp of JCB said: "It appears the younger generation of men are becoming de-skilled in the more traditional 'manly' type jobs.

"Older men were probably able to pick up these skills more easily in the past, while younger men have more distractions these days.

"Practical skills have also become less important for people who choose to work smarter."

“Maybe there needs to be more instructive DIY programmes on TV instead of cookery programmes and big restoration jobs” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington Lancashire


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