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If you want to improve the appearance, function and value of your home or business premises, one of the best ways to do so is by installing a patio, driveway or other paved area. Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, have everything you need to achieve a profes­sional, lasting result with the minimum of fuss and at the most competitive price.

Raw Materials

There are a number of options available from Greengate's. One of the most popular is our Natural India Stone, which delivers a rich, rustic aesthetic with its mellow colouration and texture. Each piece is absolutely unique and is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality.

Another popular option is Chalice Paving, which is available in a choice of colours. We also supply a convenient package which includes a mix of three different sizes; these can be laid in an infinite variety of ways to perfectly suit the desired area.

For a truly luxurious effect, try our silver granite setts. Each piece is roughly square and sparkles as it catches the light.


Once your patio, path or driveway is installed, it is important to protect it from the damage that can be caused by water, sunlight, oil, moss, fungal growth, petrol and general usage. We recommend Everbuild Path and Patio Sealer, an acrylic, solvent-free coating medium that can be safely and successfully used on natural stone, block, concrete and more.

Everbuild Path and Patio Sealer is applied as a liquid solution which quickly dries to form a tough, durable and water-repellent film with slip-resistant finish. The low-sheen formula reduces dirt pickup and facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance. Much safer to use than traditional alter­natives, Everbuild Path and Patio Sealer is non-flammable and causes no harm to plants and animals.

Check out our range of paving options and accessories and get in touch with our expert team for further advice and information. 

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