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The Cost Off Your Christmas Dinner Has Gone Up 17%

The Christmas turkey will be some 17 per cent more expensive this year as stores attempt to cash in on the festive season.

A typical large frozen turkey, enough to feed more than ten people and leave some over for sandwiches, will be around £3 more expensive at £20.

However, people buying fresh from a butcher will probably be paying at least £60 – and potentially much more -  for a bird of that size.

At the same time other key essentials for the feast, such as potatoes, carrots, peas and, of course, sprouts, are also more expensive.

The other Christmas dinner essential, Brussel sprouts, are up by some 19per cent this year -  a rise from £2.10 a kilo to some £2.50.

At the same time a 2.5kg pack of white roasting potatoes is up by some 15per cent to £2. The increases for carrots and peas are smaller.

Smoked salmon and stilton are now as much a part of Christmas as the turkey. The survey found that Blue Stilton is up by around 5 per cent to £2.32 for just 100g, while smoked salmon is up by some 28 per cent to £4 for a 100g pack.

However, there is some positive news from the survey, which found some significant price reductions this year, particularly on drink.

A bottle of Hardys Stamp Shiraz is down from £5.92 to £5; four cans of Stella are down from £4.06 to £3.50, Harveys Bristol Cream from £8.30 to £8 and Baileys from £12.17 to £12.

There are also savings on coffee, Satsumas, a tin of Cadbury’s Roses and a pack of mince pies.



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