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The End Of The Wolf Whistle!

No More Wolf Whistling!


Wave bye-bye to the wolf-whistle.


Builders are afraid to wolf-whistle in today’s politically correct society as they fear being sued.


A survey carried out by Direct Line for Business reveals that construction workers now find Wolf-Whistling is no long appropriate.


Fewer tradesmen are shouting lewd comments or whistling at passing women in today’s politically correct Britain.


Wolf whistling is considered inappropriate by three-quarters of tradesmen, including roofers, plasterers and construction workers.


The survey shows that more than half of people surveyed (56%) believe the practice is sexist or chauvinistic and a further 19 per cent fear being sued.


While making catcalls to strangers in not illegal, tradesmen directing them at a colleague could find themselves in trouble for workplace harassment.


However the Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman recently said: “We are not proposing to criminalise wolf-whistling”.


The practice of wolf-whistling is said to originate from a Navy call with a boatswain’s pipe to get the crew’s attention for an announcement.


The question is asked do women really mind being whistled at or are they offended.  A recent article in a newspaper asked famous women if they liked being whistled at or did they think it inappropriate.  The majority of them said they missed being whistled at as they walked down a street but the older women got they found it embarrassing to not get whistled at when they followed a younger women down the street who had been whistled at.


“Just goes to show you can’t please all the women at the same time and men can’t seem to get it right” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.





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