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The Governments new plan to get the economy moving

The Governments new plan to get the economy moving


Planning laws look set for a shake up if the Governments latest ideas to get the economy moving again work and it’s not before time.


The proposal is for a three year relaxation on current restrictions on how big an extension can be.  I fact, for most homes, the maximum extension sixe you can build without planning permission is going to double from tree metres to six metres long.


Building work is the best possible way to get the economy moving, s employing someone gets money out of savings accounts and into paying builders and tradesmen, which is a really good way of creating jobs says Sarah Beeny Property Expert.  Everyone recognises there’s a housing problem in this country and part of that problem is not permitting the public to make the most out of their homes.


The Labour Government saddled the industry with so many pieces of legislation that it took away much of an individual’s choice of what to do with their home.


But before you start getting carried away and launching into a building project, rules do still exist and it’s important to check what they are but this announcement is definitely a step in the right direction.


“This is definetly good news for the building industry as a whole” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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