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The Green, Green Grass of Home

In just over two weeks, the final games of the 'most widely-viewed sporting event on the planet' will begin in Russia. Yes, it's World Cup time and once again our country's hopes and dreams rest upon the shoulders of 11 giants: the England football team. Pitted against 32 other teams from all over the globe, the team will have their work cut out... but where will YOU be?

Watching football is most definitely a group activity; you, your family and friends can share in the pitfalls and the glories, consoling or celebrating together (often several times each in the same match!). If you can't make it out to Russia right now, then the next-best place to watch the big games is at home. It's cheaper. comfier and warmer than Russian anyway.

If you're going to be playing host, then we recommend the good old English barbecue in the garden before or after the game. Make sure your lawn is looking as perfect as a World Cup football pitch with Greengate's, your local builders' merchant.

Weedol Weedkiller

Weedol sachet covers up to 30sqm of space and its chemical formula only targets green vegetation, becoming inactive and harmless when it reaches the soil beneath. Use on flower beds, border, paths and patios; in fact, pretty much anywhere that needs it!

Weed Check Ultra Cut From The Roll

To keep the weeds away in future, use Weed Check Ultra, an innovative alternative to pesticide. The product is a weed control fabric that keeps unwanted nasties underground, while still allowing air, nutrients and vital water to reach soil and let plant roots breathe. Effective against all common weeds, including daisies, dandelions, buttercups and clover.

Find out more details about these products on our website and get ready for the World Cup; we're DEFINITELY going to win it this year...!

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