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The Longest Day Today


Today Is The Summer Solsice “21st June Officially the first day of Summer and the longest day.  Hundreds of people will today be at Stonehenge for this occasion, but why?


The breathtaking prehistoric monument located near Salisbury in the English county of Wiltshire stands as strong today as it did 3500 years ago. Documented as one of the most famous places in the world to visit, Stonehenge was built in three phases that consisting of over 30 million hours of labor.


There are no written records as to why Stonehenge was built. There are many theories but no confir­mations. Some theory it was a place of dying, while others theory it was a place of healing. Some reason Stonehenge was built for human sacrifice while others speculate it's all about astronomy.


Some think it is a solar calendar that predicted the sunrise, sunset, eclipse, moonsets and moonrise while others reckon it as a place for worship. The reasoning for Stonehenge remains a mystery.


Some authors state the supernatural must have played a part in the construction of Stonehenge reasoning the stones were too heavy making impossible for anyone to move and carry therefore making Stonehenge a much bigger mystery.

Whatever the reason, the circular landmark of large standing stones is a wonder to everyone as Stonehenge dates back as far as 3100 B.C. the estimated built time.


Although total construction was not completed at that time, Stonehenge was built in three phases with a time span of 1500 years. There is also evidence at the construction site that it could actually date back as far as 6500 years.

Throughout history many archa­eolo­gists and antiquarians have visited Stonehenge to try and satisfy this monumental mystery. Whether this mystery will ever be solved, Stonehenge draws visitors from all over the world. It is a place to visit that will satisfy your own curiosity. If you'd like to come and pray or meditate or just take in it's archi­tec­tural beauty, Stonehenge is a place you will not want to miss.






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