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THE Nation’s Favourite Sandwich Has Been Revealed As The BLT

A survey says the combination filling of bacon, lettuce and tomato layers beats exotic options like chicken and tarragon and smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Prawn mayonnaise came second to the BLT in the British Sandwich Association’­s survey of 3,500 people, with chicken and bacon taking third spot.

Association director Jim Winship said he had expected chicken fillings to top British lunchtime choices.

He said: “The origins of the BLT are not really clear but it would appear to date back to the 1900s when a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich was a popular teatime snack.

“However it didn’t really take off until the emergence of supermarkets made fresh ingredients more readily available.”

He added: “It is no surprise to see chicken varieties scoring well as they currently for around 30 per cent of sandwich sales in the retail sector but we didn’t really expect to see the BLT take the number one spot.”

He said the secret to a winning BLT is good quality bacon, fresh tomatoes and crunchy lettuce.

The BLT was most popular sandwich for 10.8 per cent of those questioned. 

Also making the top 10 was a traditional favourite, cheese and pickle.

And chicken salad, cheese and onion and tuna and sweetcorn were also popular.

A simple bacon sandwich made it to seventh place.

And in 10th spot was chicken and stuffing, named by 4.2 per cent as their favourite.

Those that didn’t make it into the top 10 included egg and cress, which was in 11th place, followed by cheese and ham, with 3.2 per cent, and egg and bacon with 3.1 per cent.

Mr Winship concluded: “Traditional fillings are still by far the most popular.”

The sandwich got its name in 1726 when John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, adopted the habit of putting cheese and meat between slices of bread while gambling.

That way he could keep his cards in one hand while eating with the other. When others saw what he was doing they demanded the same snack.

“What’s your favourite sandwich” asks Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.

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