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The New Year Diet!!

Now Christmas is over most of us will want to lose a few pounds but did you know that a nagging wife is the best enco­ura­gement you can get to help lose those excess pounds.­  But whatever you do, don’t tell your wife she needs to lose weight!

When it comes to the challenge of losing weight, there’s nothing like having the backing and support of a loving partner.

But it turns out the best way for a wife to persuade her husband to shed a few pounds may be to nag him about it as well.

Research shows some men are much more likely to lose weight if their other halves criticise, confront and reject them, rather than offer sugar-coated enco­ura­gement.

American researchers who studied how couples support each other in the battle of the bulge found men who lacked motivation to diet and exercise got much better results if their wives gave them a hard time over it. But the same approach does not work for women, it appears.

They found women regularly criticised by their partner for gaining extra pounds were unlikely to take action.

The results showed husbands who whinged and moaned about being overweight were more likely to start dieting and exercising if they faced what psycho­logists call ‘oppo­sitional behaviour’ from their wives – or constant criticism rather than sympathy.

A London psycho­logist, who specialises in relationship counselling, said men may respond more to criticism because they have more of a need to be sexually desirable to their partners.

‘When it comes to looks, women tend to be more responsive to what their friends think than their partners,’ she said.

‘They say women dress for other women because they are in competition over how slim they can look.

‘If their husbands say they are looking a bit porky, the chances are they already know that and have already worked through their feelings about it.’

“Good luck with the New Year Diet” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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