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The Rain in Spain Goes Mainly Down the Drain!

While it isn’t always welcomed at the time, rainfall is an essential aspect of our climate and the UK would be a very different place without it. You can definitely have too much of a good thing though and, as rain is so abundant in the UK, problems can quickly start to show. The solution to or at least minimisation of these problems relies almost entirely on one constructional aspect: safe, reliable and ultra-efficient drainage.

Poor quality and/or damaged drainage systems can lead to far worse problems than simple puddles and muddy boots. These problems include:

  • Puddles and Muddy Boots! These may not be the worst symptoms in the world but they’re definitely not something you’d volunteer for either. Green spaces are meant to be enjoyable, relaxing and healing places to be and, when they’re waterlogged, they lose all of these qualities. You think the mud looks bad outside? Just wait until it gets trekked across and trodden into your best carpets.

  • While a waterlogged area might seem unappealing to you, it’s premium real estate for all sorts of nasties. Mould positively thrives in such areas and its unsightly appearance is the least of your worries; mould can have all sorts of damaging effects on humans from respiratory conditions to skin infections.

  • When the minibeasts move in, it will be ‘come back mould, all is forgiven’! Most insects love to live, eat and breed in what is essentially a marsh and you’ll soon be the unwilling proprietor of the best beastly b&b in the area.

  • Can things get any worse?! Oh yes indeed. Saturated soil increases dramatically in volume and will soon be pushing at structural foundations, causing all sorts of damage. These will manifest as cracked walls, both inside and out; these are a prelude to a dangerous loss of foundational stability that will be extremely costly to repair

Preventing these and many other issues isn’t difficult, and starts with the provision of high-quality drainage components. That’s where Greengate’s, your local builder’s merchant, steps right in to help. Check out our products and get in touch to find out what is most suitable for your property.

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