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The Tier Natural Stone Modular Panel System

Expertly-engineered and -designed to create an attractive, natural finish that is as strong as it is aesthe­tic­ally-pleasing, Tier Natural Stone is now available from Greengate’s and, as with our entire product range, can be purchased at the most competitive price from us.

The panels that make up the Tier system interlock to form tiers as they rise, fitting seamlessly and flawlessly together to create its distinctive appeal. Used successfully outdoors or in, the system requires no specialist knowledge for installation and as the panels are held fast to the wall with the adhesive, there is no need to grout or use mortar,­ making it a quick, simple and extremely-rewarding DIY project anywhere from the home to the workplace.

Each Tier natural stone panel is exactly that - natural- and so is absolutely unique, displaying its own texture, size and colour. A larger variation in sizes is possible with the system thanks to generously-propor­tioned base panels, superior to other panelling systems. This aids the authenticity of the drystone appearance and adds to the product’s exceptional versatility.

There are six designs of Tier natural stone panels to choose from, each with its own individual style and panache.

  • Natural Black Slate - a particular favourite with deep, dark tones

  • Thin Slate - achieve a mesmerising effect with these slimline panels

  • Nordic Stone - cool and calming blues, greys and greens capture the eye

  • Quartz - with the most realistic appearance, this design is simply stunning

  • Rustic Granite - create a tranquil pastoral setting

  • Multicolour - Can’t decide? This is the choice for you!

Check out the product pages for more information on the Tier system and look out for a news article coming soon about the Tier Contemporary Range of panels - even better, subscribe to our regular newsletter today for all the latest product news, special offers and handy tips. Our website also features a free how-to guide for installing the system.

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