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They Are Saying Summer Is Coming!

Large parts of the country will enjoy the first real blast of warm, summer weather later this week.

The change comes after a dismal few weeks of unseasonably wet and windy weather.

Temperatures are forecast to shoot up to highs of 75F (24C) by Thursday.

In the North, it will be slightly cooler but temperatures are still expected to be higher than during the past couple of weeks.

The long-awaited warm spell is thanks to a huge area of high pressure that could be with us for more than a fortnight.

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: "The beginning of the week is looking a bit miserable, but by Wednesday it is all change.

"We have high pressure about to dominate and temperatures, could hit 75F with lengthy spells of wall-to-wall sunshine.

"Even the far North will get a good spell of warm weather, with temperatures much better than of late. This is certainly the first real taste of proper summer."

The Met Office said that although it will be cool and showery today and tomorrow, things will pick up from Wednesday.

According to the Met Office 30-day outlook, temperatures are likely to remain at or above average for the time of year into the beginning of June. It said: " in the North-west by day, temperatures are most likely to be near, or just above, average, making it feel warm in the sunshine and when sheltered from the wind."

By the end of the week, those in the North are likely to see the thermometer hit the mid-60s.


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