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Tier Stone Panelling Q & A

If you are considering natural stone cladding for your property, then you probably have a lot of questions. Quite right, too - making sure you are fully aware of all the factors before you finalise your decision is essential as natural stone cladding is an investment that is designed to last and last. We have put together a handy list of FAQs and their answers to help you get it right first time with the Tier stone panelling system.


Can I use natural stone cladding indoors?

Yes, you most certainly can. As well as beautifying the exterior of properties, the Tier system also looks especially -attractive when installed indoors - common uses include in bathrooms and for fireplaces.

Is each panel different?

Yes, thanks to the unique manuf­ac­turing process, each stone panel is subtly distinctive in terms of colour, texture and size. The base panels are of more generous proportions than other types of stone cladding and so allow for a larger variation in size.

Is installation difficult and time-consuming?

No, the very opposite. Installing natural stone cladding can be carried out in five simple steps and no specialist tools or knowledge are necessary to achieve a professional result.

Which surfaces can be successfully clad?

The Tier system is designed with versatility, flexibility and agility in mind and so can be attached to a wide range of internal and external surfaces. Panels can be directly affixed to concrete, brickwork, blockwork and other masonry while timber or steel-frame structures require an intermediate layer of approved building board.

Do the panels require sealing or lots of maintenance?

Though the panels are designed to withstand the rigours of the outdoor environment with admirable robustness, it is still recommended that you treat your new stone cladding with Tier Sealer for extra protection. The easily-applied product also delicately and subtly enhances the natural tone and colour of the stone panels.

What forms of attack do stone panels resist?

Heat - The panels are unaffected by extreme weather temperatures and can even be safely used for fireplaces

Cold - Let the temperature fall as low as it wants and Tier natural stone cladding will stand unmoved

Wet - Are you lucky enough to live by the sea or have your own swimming pool? Use natural stone cladding in any of these places for continued aesthetic value without deteri­ora­tion

What fixings and fastenings are required?

For structures up to 3m in height, Tier Flexible Masonry Adhesive will be sufficient in itself to support the stone cladding. Above this height, metal fixings are required and these should be formed from stainless steel to offer maximum corrosion resistance.

We hope your question has been answered here but, if it hasn’t, call our expert team now and we will be able to immediately and competently advise. Move onto the upper tier of aesthetic beauty with the Tier natural stone panelling system available now from Greengate's your local builder's merchant.

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