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Tier Stone Panelling: Style AND Substance

What image comes into your mind when you picture a builders merchant? Perhaps it’s carefully-stacked piles of bricks and masonry, large and powerfully-robust vehicles or even the ultra-bright fluorescent garb worn by staff to keep them visible and safe. Whatever the image, it’s sure to be an industrial one, reminiscent of hard and heavy but rewarding and satisfying work. It might then come as a surprise to know that, though we are most often to be seen in hard hats and safety boots, the staff at Greengate’s also have to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of haute couture home design - DIY just got glam!

We have got some very special trendsetting tips for 2018; hammered out by a small, secret and exclusive panel of those-in-the-know, the game-changing home design trends for next season that we present to you here are seriously hot property. Here they are, your three tips to the trendiest home on the block next season, each one worth its weight in pure gold.

A Personal Palace

Speaking of gold, the colour that has long been associated with luxury is coming back in a big way, at least in terms of high-class design. In the way the metallic tone is actually used, however, small and subtle ways are key. A taste for restraint is enjoying a lazy slide back into a preference for luxury though all-out flamboyance is a no-no; think small, strategic touches to bring a regal, rich atmosphere. Check out natural stone panels in the Ivory design from the Tier Contemporary Range for a perfect complementary golden tone when creating small accented areas

Texturise, Colourise, Please your Eyes - the same constant stimulation mentioned in our previous article about privacy fences is responsible for a growing trend to calm, soothe and simplify the indoor environment. Soft furnishings will return to a more subdued colour palette and less strident pattern design that offers relief from the persistent visual noise we experience in the digital age. In a room meant for quiet reflection and relaxation, we can all benefit hugely from an aesthetically-pleasing focal point and you can easily create one with an accent wall made using the Tier natural stone panelling system; both White and Charcoal from the Contemporary Range are ideal though both have very different visual effects

Grand Geometry: Our eyes naturally seek out order from chaos and geometric shapes have fascinated humans since time immemorial. New and innovative ways to use natural stone panels and timber prove that there is still plenty of life in the ancient materials yet - we recommend the Thin Slate design in the Tier Multipack Stone Tiles collection for instant mathematical magic!

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