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Timber Decking: Protect & Preserve

Timber decking adds practical, aesthetic and financial value to your home and garden. As well as all of the raw materials required to create quality garden decking, Greengate's Builders Merchant also supply a range of protective treatments designed to ensure the finished result lasts and lasts.

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Here is the Greengate's 6-step guide to correctly applying a preservative wood stain.

  1. Make a Match. Preservative wood stains can be purchased in an array of different colours from our website, allowing you to choose the closest match to any decking timber
  2. Initial Preparation. First of all, make sure you purchase sufficient product to ensure full coverage, taking into account that two coats of stain are usually required. Wood stain chemicals pose a health and safety risk if necessary precautions are not taken: protective clothing such as overalls, goggles and rubber gloves are recommended, all of which can be purchased here at Greengate's. We also supply a comprehensive collection of suitable soft paintbrushes
  3. Secondary Preparation. The timber must be totally clean to achieve successful results; we recommend using a pressure washer to cleanse away all dirt, debris and mildew. Leave the decking to completely dry before carrying out a small patch test to ensure a close colour match
  4. Begin applying the product, following the direction of the timber grain. Make sure that coverage is consistent and generous, which will allow the chemical to penetrate deeply and evenly
  5. Once coverage is complete, allow the coat the dry completely for at least 12 hours. Then, repeat step four and allow to fully dry
  6. Enjoy! Once dry, the decking is ready to use and enjoy. The chemical will ensure that the decking performs optimally whatever the weather conditions, lasting for many years. If a renovation coat is required, this can be directly applied over the previous coat without the need for stripping or sanding

Find out more about wood preservative treatments on our website, where you can also gain immediate access to our superlative collection of decking materials.

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