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Timber Prices Are To Rise- Buy Now OR Pay More Later!

According to those in the know in the industry, we are facing a continued rise in timber prices. Sources have shown that the price of timber is on the same high level as it was 25yrs ago and are to rise very soon.

A contributing factor in the rise of the cost of timber now is the increasing logging and transportation costs, which end up being passed on to the consumer with higher prices.

An additional problem is the lack of timber coming out of mainland Europe with a huge demand coming from Russia making the already high demand for product, here at home, increasingly unfulfilled and therefore a price hike is inevitable.

70-80% of wood used in the U.K. is imported and at least 70-80% of this is softwood. If there is already a high demand that is not being satisfied by European timber suppliers the costs will be passed down the supply chain and that means to the customers.

All wood based manufactures are feeling the changes for instance pallet manufactures are being urged to find new ways of cutting the amount of timber they use and find more cost effective ways of continuing their services such as returnable pallets and reconditioning of pallets.

Here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we are trying our best to keep our prices low however it is only a matter of time before everyone in the industry will be pushing the prices up. So now is the time to buy your timber and fencing whilst the price is still right.


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