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Time To Put Your House On The Market


There are two peak seasons for selling houses - the end of the summer holidays and spring.

A good garden is a great aid to selling and can enhance the asking price - so if you're thinking about moving, now's the time to put yours in order.

Don't overdo it

Avoid spending money on expensive improvements that potential buyers may not be keen on. they may not regard your new hot tub, water feature or designer makeover as a desirable feature, and they'll assume you've added the cost to your asking price. So save the cash and spend it on your new home instead.

Worthwhile improvements

Prospective buyers are turned off by mess, so make sure the garden looks neat and tidy. Keep the grass mown and edged, hedges trimmed, gravel raked and beds weeded, and clear away rubbish. It's vital to make the place look loved.

Pressure-wash paving and plant up a few colourful, seasonal containers of annuals; spread fresh gravel over the drive or paths; apply timber treatment to fences; and do any repairs needed to gates or arches.

Screen dustbins, oil tanks or compost heaps with trellis and, as a worthwhile finishing touch, spread bark chippings or mushroom compost over beds and borders to freshen them up and give them a well-tended look.

Use profes­si­onals wisely

It will pay you to tame overgrown trees, shrubs or hedges. It will cost you a couple of hundred pounds to hire a qualified tree surgeon for a day or so, to lift crowns, thin out branches, remove damaged or oversized trees and take out overgrown or overcrowded shrubs.

Done profes­si­onally, this will make your garden look instantly larger and more spacious. And make the most of a good view, as it can add thousands to the value of your property. A good tree surgeon can open up a vista of countryside or a picturesque church, while leaving trees or shrubs that mask eyesores.

Get all the above done before the estate agent takes pictures, and if you don't have time to keep on top of mowing while the house is on the market, get a man in to take care of routine upkeep. It's another expense - but that hardly counts if it helps you sell quickly or for a few thousand more.



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