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Tips On How To Avoid Being Conned By Cowboy Builders

Trading Standards have issued a warning over cowboy builders after a man was put behind bars for cheating his elderly victims out of thousands of pounds.

Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes people turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking people either by high pressure selling or using false identi­fica­tion. Their aim is to get into people's homes and you always need to be aware when someone you don't know calls at your door.

Here's the tips from Trading Standards for avoiding rogue builders:

Be wary of cheap estimates or quotes, these can indicate they are a cowboy builder or inexpe­ri­enced to give accurate figures

Request quotes in writing

Use builders referred to you by friends and family

If the builder is available to start immediately this can be a sign that they have moved from another area, which cowboy builders often do

Always ask for their business details, be wary if reluctant to provide

Check any claims made suggesting they are associated with larger companies or approved codes schemes

A reputable builder will not ask for money up front

If someone calls at your door and offers to do repairs to your home or asks to come in so they can talk to you, you should do the following:

LOCK – keep front and back doors locked.

STOP – are you expecting anybody? Do they have an appointment?

CHAIN – put your door bar or chain – it's a useful barrier because they may try and pressurise you or even force their way in.

CHECK – check their details carefully but do not let them in. If you are interested then arrange for them to come back later when you have somebody with you and can give some thought to it.

If in doubt keep them out!!!


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