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Tips on Safety when using Roofing Materials

The weather is quickly changing for the worse as autumn marches steadily towards winter. This means that demand for roofing repairs and rein­for­cement jobs has sharply increased and Greengate's, your local builders merchant, has got plenty of the essential roofing materials you need to carry out a professional job.

Whatever kind of roofing work you're doing, it's crucial to make sure that you and your team are safe. Follow these expert tips:

  • Before any work takes place, take time to carry out a risk assessment. Assess the condition of the working area and ensure all proper permits have been secured.
  • Though it may seem obvious, roofing work should only be carried out during reasonable weather conditions. The temptation to carry on through rain or wind in order to meet deadlines can be strong but is an open invitation to accident and injury.
  • Make sure all ladders are safe, stable and properly tied off or otherwise secured.
  • Always wear/use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as helmets, safety shoes or boots and harnesses for fall protection. Greengate's supply a compre­hen­sive range of PPE: check out our website for more details.
  • Ensure any ropes or extension cords are not in a place where they can hinder the movement of workers.
  • The roof should be swept completely clean and clear of dirt and debris before work begins. Snow or leaves can hide areas that should be visible and even a single nail could be the cause of a fatal slip.
  • Wherever possible, guardrails should be used to protect workers from falling. Such guardrails present a visual as well as a physical barrier.
  • If a roof has skylights or other openings, these should be properly covered and clearly marked with warning signs to prevent workers from leaning on them and possibly falling through.
  • Slate and tile roofs present the worst slipping hazards so take extra care. Ensure that all workers are approp­ri­ately trained and experienced to work on such roofs.
  • Ensure the working area has signage to show people passing below that roofing work is being carried out above.
The Greengate's collection of roofing materials is extensive and includes:
  • Battens
  • Timber
  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Chimney Pots
  • Dry Verge & Dry Ridge
  • Felt
  • Slate
  • Tiles
  • Accessories

Discover all of our roofing materials on the website. Stay safe!

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