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Top 4 Benefits of Velux Roof Windows

Velux is recognised as the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of roof windows and related ancillaries. For the purpose of retailing their products, the globally-renowned company relies on a carefully-selected network of suppliers, among which Greengate's is proud to number.

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 There are plenty of good reasons to install Velux roof windows in your home and here are the top four...

  1. Improved Air Quality. The 'VE' of Velux stands for ventilation as the installation of roof windows allows air to flow more freely through your home. This means that the quality of the indoor atmosphere is immeasurably improved after instal­la­tion. As well as making the air more pleasant, refreshing and healthy to breathe, this improved ventilation helps to reduce the incidence of conden­sation, which is one of the primary causes of structural damp.
  2. Extra Natural Light. 'Lux' is the Latin word meaning 'light' and completes the company name 'Velux'. The frames of Velux roof windows are engineered to be as narrow as is physically possible, ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight can pass through the glazing. Human beings universally prefer natural light to artificial and studies show that increased exposure to natural light improves both mental and physical health.
  3. Enhanced Aesthetics. Velux windows bring a fresh, visually-pleasing aesthetic to any room and there are many design options available to allow coordination with existing interior design schemes. The extra natural light makes a room seem larger, airier and more open.
  4. Reduced Energy Bills. Improved access to natural light means that electric lights need not be switched on until much later in the evening. Velux roof windows also display excellent insulating properties, cutting down on heating bills.

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