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Traditional Beer Mug Becomes Trendy Again

THEY used to be a familiar sight on bars and pub tables across the country.

But as drinkers turned to lager and cider, the traditional dimpled pint pots faded out in favour of a straight glass.

The jug is making a comeback and, defying the old image of a flat-capped bitter drinker, the jug is now popular with the young and trendy.

The grenade-shaped mug fell out of favour because lighter, fizzier beers are best served in straight-sided glasses.

These glasses also have the advantage of taking up less space and being easier to stack in a dishwasher as they have no handle.

But in recent years the popularity of premium beers made to traditional recipes has led to a growth in demand for the dimpled pint pots.

The manager of a pub in  east London, said: “It’s not old men with flat caps and whippets drinking out of dimple glasses anymore now you’ve got girls in skinny jeans drinking craft beer. Some pubs have never stopped serving ale in dimpled glasses, saying It’s a nice iconic British tradition to hold on to. “They also have a really lovely feel when you put them down on a beer mat. They are solid and reassuringly comforting.”

Pub boss from Leeds said: “Germans have the beer stein and the British have dimpled pint pots.

Unfor­tunately, the lack of factories making pint pots in the UK means many pubs have to buy them from other countries, such as Turkey, and they cost up to three times as much as straight glasses.

Neil Walker, of the Campaign for Real Ale, said: “The fact they’ve been adopted by pubs and bars across the UK who aim themselves at a younger customer can only be good for getting more people drinking real ale.



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