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Use Geotextile Fabric For Your Landscaping From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

Geotextile fabric is a must if you are doing any landscaping that needs separation.

Use landscape fabric for separation, reinforcement and filtration of gardens, flowerbeds, patios, pavements, driveways, roads, embankments, paved and unpaved areas. This high strength fabric, allows air, nutrients and water to flow downwards to the earth while controlling weeds and preventing UV rays, insects and mildew from coming up through to the surface. Woven Geotextile is used for sub-grade stabilization requiring considerable strength. This product is economical, providing the high strength required for a very low cost.

  • Low cost high strength landscape fabric
  • Speeds construction and increase life of paved and unpaved areas
  • Resistant to UV rays, soil chemicals, mildew, and insects

Key Attributes

Re-enforcement – Including our Geotextiles strengthens construction of your project.

Protection – Gives you maximum protection from physical damage such as traffic

Drainage - Allows water to drain

Filtration - Permits natural water flow through the structure and filters out any soil particles

Separation – Stops any mixing of materials that should be kept apart

We sell Geotextile woven fabric in 25m x 2,25m rolls or we can cut it in metre lengths to fit in with your needs.

Don’t forget to use Geotextile before placing your pebbles, slates, chipping and even bark.

Give us a ring today before you start your landscaping project and find out more on this great product or call in and see us.

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