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Velux Windows There Is One For You From Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire

For Enhanced Energy Performance Choose Velux


Available through Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


With the Velux range you can be sure to carry out your roof window installation as quickly, energy efficiently, and compliantly as possible.­  With every Velux you only need to do it once, secure in the knowledge it’s a job well done.


Solution 1

For enhanced energy performance, velux recommends 60 Pane Glazing:

  • White finish window
  • Clean and clear coating
  • Improved nise reduction
  • Installed value of 1.3 w/m2k
  • Krypton filled
  • Recessed flashing (includeds BDX insulation collar and BFX underfelt collar)
  • BBX vapour barrier.


Solution 2

Offers the advantages of the most popular range with enhaced benefits:

  • 73 pane glazing
  • Clean and clear coating
  • Laminated inner pane for enhanced safety
  • Installed value of 1.4 w/m2k
  • Standard flashing
  • BDX 2000 isulation collar (includes BFX underfelt collar)
  • BBX vapour barrier.


Solution 3

Their standard pane with additional insulation and weather proofing

  • 59 pane glazing
  • Timbr finish window
  • u-value of 1.4 w/m2k
  • Standard flashing
  • BDX 2000 insulation collar includes BFX underfelt collar.


These roof windows,  come with a variety of energy efficient glazing options for different situations.  They also come in a choice of white or timber finish.


The recessed flashing enables the window to sit lower in the roof structure and so improve insulation values.


For more information on the Velux window come and pay us a visit and pick up a leaflet or speak to one of our staff who will be only to pleased to help.



Greengates Builders Merchants delivering to the whole of Lancashire including: Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Clitheroe, Darwen, Great Harwood, Haslingden, Padiham and Pendle.



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