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Water Worries? Choose our Decorative Aggregates!

October hasn’t been great for weather so far! Lots of rain has meant muddy gardens and driveways covered with puddles, adding to the misery. Help is at hand with our decorative aggregates - as well as giving your property a brand new attractive aesthetic, these aggregates can easily be used to dress collector drain surfaces, carrying away surface water and preventing waterlogged worries. Add these facts to the natural, cruelty-free slug- and snail-repellent quality and you have got yourself a garden to be proud of.

Here are some of the many types of decorative aggregate we currently have available:

  • Slate - An instant air of prestige is created with slate chippings, which make a truly distinctive sound when walked or driven upon. You can choose from a vivid spectrum of colours including Green, Blue and Plum. Combine colours for a dazzling, unique effect

  • Gravel - The quintessential driveway covering, gravel is popular all over the world for its combination of form and function. We have an eclectic selection available, from Cotswold, Dalston and Trent Pea to the striking tones of Black Ice and Gold

  • Granite - With slightly smaller, more uniform chips, Granite makes an ideal alternative to gravel. All of the colours in this range are particularly beautiful, from the soft warmth of Pink and Red to the calming coolness of Blue and Green. Silver is another option for those with a flamboyant streak

  • Scotch Cobbles - Big, bold and infinitely attractive, our Scotch Cobbles range between 5cm and 8cm in size and are supplied in a bulk bag containing approximately one tonne of cobbles. This is a decorative aggregate with pure regal bearing, designed for the most sumptuous of locations

  • Lydd Pebbles - Smooth, rounded edges make these pebbles a tactile delight - no two bags are the same!

  • Bark - For that rustic look, nothing quite beats bark chippings. As with our entire product range, you can rest assured that you are receiving building materials of the very highest quality that adhere strictly to all relevant health, safety and quality regulations.

If you own a garden or outdoor space and want to transform it both functionally and aesthetically, then please browse our selection of decorative aggregates!

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