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Weed All About It: Get Your Garden Springtime Superb!

Springtime is arguably the most beautiful season in the UK, as nature shakes off the winter and new growth begins in earnest. As your garden begins to wake up, it's likely that some of this new growth will definitely NOT be welcomed. Yes, we're talking about weeds! So what's the best way to make sure YOUR garden is kept clear of the pesky green invaders? This pressing question can be answered with a single word: Weedol.

Weedol is, quite simply, the best method of eradicating weeds and making sure they don't come back. Diquat, the active ingredient in Weedol's formula, has been trusted for more than 45 years as a highly effective way to control the growth of all types of weed.

Using weedkiller often involves guesswork when it comes to quantities but, as Weedol is supplied in pre-measured sachets, this ceases to be an issue. Each sachet contains exactly the right amount of granules that, when mixed with water according to instruc­tions, renders sufficient formula to treat at least 30 square metres of ground. The versatile formula can be used on lawns, paths and patios, under hedges, along fences... indeed, it can be applied pretty much anywhere that weeds grow!

Just 10 minutes after application, Weedol becomes rainfast and so you can sow seeds, plants and bulbs as soon as the formula has dried. On contact with soil, the formula becomes inactivated, meaning that it is extremely safe to use and will only affect green plants.

Discover more information about Weedol weed killer on our website. Need advice? Contact our expert technical team.

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