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Welcome More Solar with KeyLite Polar!

Being a driver or passenger in a car with a decent sunroof is an undeniable pleasure, particularly if the weather happens to be good. Even if it’s dull or rainy, having that link to the outside world is still infinitely preferable to not having it. These facts raise a question: why can’t we have this little luxury in our homes? Well, now we can! Welcome to the world of Keylite Polar.

Keylite PolarKeylite PolarKeylite Polar

Brand-new and already making a big splash on the scene, Keylite Polar is an innovative, exciting and game-changing PVC roof window range that could let a bit of much-needed light into YOUR life. If the word ‘polar’ gets you shivering then don’t worry; you won’t be getting any of the cold but you WILL be getting that strong, dynamic light that envelops the top and bottom of our humble planet!

Previous generations of window design from the company have always been about upping the stakes and this latest creation is no exception. The Keylite Polar system once again raises the bar, outperforming the company’s timber windows which themselves won prestigious awards for design quality and innovation.

This new design allows more daylight into the property than ever before and its bright white finish means that even the dullest days will be transformed; the surface catches and then scatters light in every direction to maximise its potential. You will see your interior decor through new eyes as natural colour and aesthetic appeal jump right out at you, all feeling and looking as brand new as the windows themselves as the sunlight does its job.

Aside from this amazing transformation, all of the tech specs are right there too, from the energy efficiency that will start saving you money immediately to the hassle-free, maintenance-free service you’ll enjoy. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new windows safe in the knowledge that the very latest material technology and precision manufacturing comes as standard.

It doesn’t matter what your current setup is as there are a number of options available with the Keylite Polar system, allowing us to tailor your windows individually to suit the project. They’re fast and easy to install and so you could have them in place before you have time to blink, not that you’ll want to waste even that moment of time with your eyes closed when you see the effect on your home!

There’s still so much more to find out about this revolutionary system, so click HERE for all of those essential details. Be Solar, Be Polar!

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