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It's not just men who can't multi-task: New research says women are just as bad at juggling tasks

New research shows that neither men nor women are good at multi-tasking

Humans can do two things at once if they are routine and well-practiced

When something non-routine is introduced, multi-tasking is difficult

Men may be notoriously poor at multi-tasking, but the good news for bungling chaps is that women are just as bad.

Professor Nick Chater, of Warwick Business School, said that when doing something routine and well-practiced, humans can do two things at once, like driving and talking.

However, when anything non-routine is introduced then multi-tasking is just not possible for the human mind.

Professor Chater said: ‘Most of the things that we find reasonably challenging we can only do one at a time.

‘We think we are multi-tasking but in fact we are jumping from one task to the next quite rapidly, something we don't have to do if we practice.

 ‘If we practice, we get very fluent at something and it requires almost no mental effort, like driving while listening to the radio.’

The professor said that when something difficult is added then any hope of doing two things at once is ended.

Professor Chater, an expert in behavioural science, conducted a series of experiments to reach his conclusion, including asking people questions while they were doing something else, such as walking.

“At Greengates we think this is a load of rubbish!”

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