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What About This For A Gift Idea?

If you can’t think what to buy to impress a loved one then maybe this box of chocolates from Dubai is just the thing.  At £600 a box it’s an expensive present.

On display in the food hall of Harrods, they certainly look the part. It is as if an army of elves has lovingly crafted them; many are shaped into colourful flowers, petals or shiny lozenges. The pistachios are Italian, the almonds are Tunisian.

Each delicate drop of luxury is handmade in Dubai (in a temperature-controlled factory) before being flown to Britain. First class, no doubt.

The black, lacquered box lined with gold leaf, covered in Swarovski crystals contain 240 individual “jewels of confec­ti­onery reflecting the wonders of nature”. Or sweets, to you and me clearly a notch above Black Magic.

They include an Arabic coffee ganache with almond marzipan covered in milk chocolate; a “boulet fekia”, comprising pistachio, hazelnut and rose water, rolled in white chocolate; a “warda pine”, which is pistachio and almond with pine seeds and a white chocolate flower; and various fruit jellies and marzipan gems.

“Each sweet is a masterpiece presented in a tempting style to give you a unique sensual experience,” the leaflet gushes.

To be fair, the company is selling quite a few large boxes every day, which suggests that there is a market for them.

A spokesman for Delice says: “These £600 boxes are for weddings, parties and celeb­ra­tions. They weigh the same as a small child. But you can buy something far more modest.”

“Think we will stick with cadbury’s, just think how many bars you can have for £600 and you don’t hav eto share!” say’s Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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