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What Can Make Your Pint Taste Better?

Listening to music can make your pint taste even better and sound, shape and colour can also influence our taste buds say scientists conducting a beer experiment in Brussels.

The Brussels Beer Project collaborated with UK band The Editors to produce a new beer which took inspiration from their musical and visual identity.

It had a medium body and used an Earl Grey infusion which produced citrus flavours - designed to represent the bands latest album 'In Dreams'.

Belgian researchers then tested to see if the influence of music and packaging design would help it to taste better.

They invited 231 drinkers to sample the beer in the three different conditions.

One group drank the beer along with a bottle without a label without listening to any specific song.

Another group tasted the ale after seeing the bottle with a label to test the effects of packaging.

While the third group drank the beer presented with a label while listening to 'Oceans of Light', one of the songs on the band's latest album.

Before the test, participants rated how tasty they thought the beer would be. While after tasting they rated how much they had actually enjoyed the drink.

The results showed those presented with the label while listening to music reported the beer to taste better.

It seems that the added pleasure that the song brought into the experience was transferred into the beer's flavour.

“So next time you have a pint and think this is really good take note of what music is playing and if it’s influenced your taste buds” says Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire


Article taken from the Daily Mail


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