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What Makes You See Red?

Queue jumpers, benefit scroungers, traffic jams and petrol prices have emerged among a list of the 50 things which make us angry.

Researchers polled 2,000 Brits to reveal the most likely rage-inducing things, with people pushing in front of us in queues unsur­pri­singly topping the list.

And rudeness, people who don't listen, spitting in public and having to go through lots of automated options or being kept on hold on the phone made up the rest of the top five.

Other 'rage triggers' to feature in the poll included having to pay a fee to withdraw your own money from a cash point, middle lane drivers and The Jeremy Kyle Show.

A spokesman for The Wolverine, which commissioned the poll to mark the Blu-ray and digital release of the film, said: 'Everyone has moments where they get into a bit of a rage, but the majority of the time, it's over something fairly trivial.

'If you are tired, stressed or simply at the end of your tether, it won't take much to make you boil over and those little things that often just annoy you can spark a rage instead.'

Benefit scroungers came sixth in the poll, followed by people believing rules don't apply to them and those who use their mobile phone while driving.

Forgetting the importance of 'please' or 'thank-you' and backstabbers completed the top ten.

Money is behind several of the things that make us angry with the high petrol prices, having to pay a fee to withdraw cash and even having to pay to use the public toilets in some train stations all on the list.

Seeing wages disappear in fees and taxes also unsur­pri­singly features prominently on the list alongside the everyday irritations of modern life.

The annoying phrase of 'uniden­ti­fied item in bagging area' while using a self-service checkout  as well as old ladies who have all week to shop, but choose to go on a Saturday morning also feature on the list.

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