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What Would You Do?!

It is common knowledge in the UK that the majority of tradesmen whistle and attempt to flirt with women that walk past them whilst they are at work on sites. Are you one of these people that whistles at women? If so then how would you react to the incident below?

It seems in Vienna builders also like to catch the attention of women and flirt with them whilst they work. However it appears that these builders are all talk and no action, much to the disappointment of one amorous lady. This particular lady in Vienna ran on to the construction site shouting, ‘who wants me?’ From the reaction of the builders it was obvious that this kind of behaviour wasn’t the done thing in Vienne and it was apparent that maybe the woman had come on a little to strong for the builders liking.

The builders’ reactions were to run away and hide from the woman as she ran towards them with her naked body. One shaken builder managed to pull himself together to give a brief statement about the incident. He said ‘We like to chat up girls as they walk past- it’s a tradition. But this woman was too much to handle and we all just ran and hid from her until the police got here.’ Another shaken builder added to the statement ‘no-one liked to think what would have happened if she had managed to catch one of us.’


So here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we ask you,

‘How would you react to such forward and unexpected advances from a stranger?’


So next time you think about whistling or flirting with a passerby remember this story and what horror could happen!

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