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Who’s Doing Your Household Admin?

No one likes paperwork, so it may come as a surprise to learn that Britons manage to fritter away the equivalent of one week every year on household admin.

Experts worked out that the average adult spends three hours a week on such things as renewing their insurance policies, paying off credit cards, dealing with utility bills and replacing passports.

In a study, organising an MOT was named as the job people dislike the most, followed by renewing a passport and organising a new home insurance policy.

Some 37 per cent of us admit we struggle to keep up and often fail to complete everything by its deadline.

The poll of 2,000 adults also found that more than a third put these jobs off because they are too busy, while half cannot face dealing with call centres or filling in online appli­cations.

Two-fifths have missed important deadlines, with taking the car for its MOT, sending off tax returns and renewing house insurance cited as the most likely to be late.

Most respondents preferred to carry out admin tasks online, although a quarter opted to deal with them over the phone.

One in 12 insisted on dealing with companies face-to-face by visiting a local branch.

Other causes for stress when conducting family admi­nis­tra­tion were having to search high and low at home for the necessary docum­en­ta­tion.

One in five did not know the whereabouts of their birth certificate, and one in ten would struggle to find their passport.

Three in ten have even taken time off work to complete admin tasks, with the average employee taking off one and a half days a year.


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