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Why Should We Insulate Our Home?

A vast amount of expensive heat escapes from your home through the loft. Department of the Environment figures show that up to 26% of heat loss escapes through this route but this is not the whole story. During the summer, a lot of excess heat enters your home through the roof.


By insulating the loft floor, walls and perhaps the rafters of your home with good quality insulation, you can keep most of the heat where it is meant to be. The living area of your home will be comfortably warm during the winter and pleasantly cooler during the summer if insulated correctly.


After insulating, or topping up to the latest requirements, you’ll soon notice a reduction in expensive fuel needed to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Remember that this is an ongoing saving, one that will reduce the amount of money you spend on energy for every year you live in your property. You also have the added bonus of reducing the amount of CO2 emissions pumped into the atmosphere – you can’t lose!


Over the coming week here at Greengates Builders Merchants, Lancashire we will be providing you with details about all the different types of insulation products we have to offer that can help keep your home warm this winter and for evermore.


Over the next week we will be looking at various types of insulation including:

  • SuperQuilt TBS Multi-foil Insulation
  • Isowool Spacesaver Loft Insulation
  • Vermiculite Fill Insulation
  • Xtratherm Insulation
  • Tubolit Pipe Insulation
  • Isowool Cavity Wall Insulation
  • Rockwool Flexi